Do you ever feel that guilt rising that you haven’t done your “daily devotional” or read your bible for a couple of days? Do you feel like the busyness of life as a mum is stopping you from having a proper connection with God? Then Mummy Meditations might be just what you need.

Meditation is a biblical concept where you spend time pondering, thinking and mulling over God’s word to come to a deeper understanding. Now, we all connect with God in different ways, but I believe that this should be a joyous relationship and not one filled with guilt and a feeling of obligation or duty, so I wanted to come up with an achievable way to spend time with God whilst also raising children.

Mummy Meditations chooses a verse each week (yes I said week not day!) to spend time pondering over, praying over and worshipping over. This can be in lots of different ways, but here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Write out the verse in visible locations in your house – office, kitchen, noticeboard, bathroom mirror – wherever you will see it and be reminded of it
  • Repeat the verse in your mind as much as possible -take time over the different parts of the verse and what they might mean. Why not do this in the different contexts of your life? Early in the morning, walking to school, late at night – you might find different aspects of the verse stick out to you. Whenever you have a free second of head space just think it over!
  • Research the verse -look into the context of it in the passage and bible, the context in history and the type of literature that it is. Does this add to your understanding of it?
  • Do something with the verse – whether you like to draw, paint, write, pray, sing. Why not do some practical worship with the verse to help you remember it. You could also involve your children in this by thinking of fun crafts or games around each weeks verse, then your children are learning it too!



Mummy Meditations is now a flourishing Facebook community and I would love for you to join us in meditating on our chosen verse each week, joining in the discussion with over 700 other mums. Each Sunday there will be a summary post here with next week’s verse at the bottom, so make sure you check out the latest blog post for the verse we are studying next!

You can sign up to get weekly prompts, emails and other extra benefits, or even join the team behind the scenes as a Mummy Meditations Champion, via our JOIN IN page. 



Rachel RidlerNow that’s an interesting story!  To start with, let me introduce myself – my name is Rachel Ridler and in 2016 God inspired me to start studying the bible a bit differently.  At the time I was in the midst of toddler and baby raising and the pressure to maintain a daily devotional time was getting me really down.  I felt like I had lost all relationship with God and that I couldn’t keep up with what others were doing and what I used to do.  God yelled at me to stop looking at other people’s relationships with him, and instead to cultivate my own, in my own way, embracing this season of life. 

Reading a passage a day definitely seemed too much at that time, and so I had just given up.  But God challenged me to think about what was manageable – one verse a week seemed very small, but manageable.  I started studying this one verse in depth, pondering on it and meditating on it during the week.  And to my astonishment I got so much more out of each verse!  These were verses I’d read over and over before, but God was bringing fresh revelation through this method.  I started writing up my thoughts on my blog (Rachel Ridler: Mum on a Mission) and other mums started following along too.  It soon became clear we needed a space to discuss and grow this idea of studying just one verse a week, and the Facebook community was born. 

From there I have tried to follow where God has taken this, with producing new resources to help us connect with and record what we are learning from the verse each week.  This website is the next step in this, to keep everything in one place, and I hope you like it!  Mummy Meditations is 100% God’s idea (and to keep me humble He got me to name it something that I struggle to say!) and I love that it has grown naturally through His prompting.   I hope that it inspires you to stay close to Him during the chaos of motherhood, and that you can learn so much more about the bible through it.   Happy meditating!




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