Hello My Name Is…. (Week 10) – Jairus’ Daughter

Well, its the last week of the series, but don’t worry!  We will be back (after a week off) to start looking at some more amazing unnamed women in the bible.

This week, we were looking at the character of Jairus’ Daughter, who was suggested by one of our Mummy Meditations Community when I asked for ideas before the series started!  I had initially overlooking this little girl, and its easy to do so.  I’ll explain a bit more in this post, but here is the verse we were meditating on:

“Immediately the girl stood up and began to walk around (she was twelve years old). At this they were completely astonished.” Mark 5:42

Not the most important person…

Many a time I have read this story or heard it preached on, and yet I have never really thought much about the little girl, the one who has this amazing miracle happen to her, the one who was dead and comes back to life.  Why not?  Because she isn’t the most important person in this story.  Yes that shocking to hear, but a big reason as to why she is included but not named.  She is referred to by her relationship to someone else – her dad, Jairus.  Jairus here is the most important person.  He is the synagogue official.  He is the one who’s reactions and interactions with Jesus are catalogued and recorded.

It is so easy to over look this little 12 year old girl in the context of the story.  And yet without her there would be no story.  Without her being ill and dying, there would be no opportunity for Jesus to show Jairus and his family who he is, and so I think we owe it to her to dig a little deeper into her part of the story.

Who was she exactly?

One thing we could all agree on in the Mummy Meditations Community this week is that she is a bit of a mystery.  We really don’t get a lot of detail to go on, and so we are left wondering what her back story is.  One mum suggested that perhaps she had been ill for a long time, mirroring the woman with bleeding who had experienced those problems for 12 years.   Perhaps this girl’s life had been one long illness, and so this wasn’t just bringing her back to life but a full healing of those issues that she had experienced all her life.  What if she hadn’t been able to walk before?  We just don’t know.  But I guess that like a lot of children, she just gets up and gets on with it!  No fuss and no bother.

In HER Shoes..

As we stepped into this little girls shoes, ones that we didn’t know much about, we felt a girl who didn’t hold back emerge.  One who wasn’t phased by being a part of this miracle or being the centre of attention when she came back to life.  It felt like she was quite “matter of fact” in the way she acted, confused by the reactions of others.  Did she know who Jesus was and what had just happened to her?  Again, its all a mystery as she isn’t the main character in this story and wouldn’t have been asked for her side of the story, but we can imagine how big a thing this would have been for her.

Was it as big as it seems?

I wrote that last sentence – that it was a big thing for her – and then immediately thought, what if it wasn’t?  We see this isolated story in her and her family’s life, the whole miracle taking place before their eyes, and automatically assume it was a life changing moment for them.  But as a family closely connected to God, with a synagogue leader as the head of their house who clearly knew and recognised who Jesus was, maybe prayer and miracles were part of who they were?  When we put prayer at the centre of our families, miracles like this and seeing God come through for us will become such a day-to-day occurrence, that like this little girl, we can just get up and carry on.  That’s not to say we don’t appreciate the miracle or understand the magnitude of it, but actually we just understand that that is what God does!!  Outsiders to our lives who don’t know the power of God may be “completely astonished” just like the mourners in this story, but when we are living in God’s provision it just comes naturally.  Is that what God’s provision is like for you?


We have a rest week next week as I finish off the final preparations for the new series and you can all have a chill out with God in your own way (or just embrace the manic-ness of the last week of term!!!).  Watch out in the Facebook Community for info on the new series starting….

To celebrate the end of the this series I have been working with a very talented friend of mine, Mollie Browne, and she has created this new artwork for us to remind us of what we have learnt this series.  Please do download and print a copy for yourself here.


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