Hello My Name Is….(Week 10) – Widow of Nain

Hello My Name Is….(Week 10) – Widow of Nain

Hello Mummy Meditations Community! It’s Sarah here!

Welcome to my first ever summary post and our very last one for 2019! With Christmas only 3 days away (Eek!) and 2020 just round the corner, marking the start of another new decade already, I just don’t know where the time goes!

So however you are feeling today about all the Christmas preparations, whether you’ve been super-organised from the off or are sat here kinda wishing that you were! I hope you are able to benefit from spending just a few minutes reflecting on this week’s verse, which brings us to the end of our “Hello My Name Is…” series focusing on the unnamed women in the Bible.

Here’s a reminder of the verse:

“Then he went up and touched the bier they were carrying him on, and the bearers stood still. He said, “Young man, I say to you, get up!” The dead man sat up and began to talk, and Jesus gave him back to his mother.” Luke 7:14-15

Last week we looked at how Jesus said “Don’t cry” to the grieving widow after her only son had died. Rachel asked us how we may have felt in this situation if these words were spoken to us. On face value I wasn’t sure how I would have taken it! Though in context many people acknowledged that it came from a place of compassion, as the previous few words in the verse tell us that ‘his heart went out to her’.

Jesus was moved with compassion and knew exactly what he was about to do….the miracle that we see in this week’s verse.


Words can be so powerful! The Bible says in Proverbs 18:21 “The tongue has the power of life and death,…”. This is both and encouragement and a challenge to us!

Rachel shared in the Facebook Live discussion at the beginning of the week, about how a few months ago she particularly recognised the power of her words spoken to her son, and that by deciding to become more intentionally positive, this had brought about powerful change!

So how have we used our words this week? Have we spoken life and encouragement or have we used our words to hurt or discourage?

None of us are perfect in this area and so it’s good to think about how we can use our words in a more intentionally positive way. To help strengthen, support, build up and encourage one another and our family and friends this Christmas season and beyond.

Which is sometimes easier said than done! Particularly at this time of year when tensions and stress levels are prone to rise!

So let’s be extra vigilant in not allowing ourselves to be potentially drawn in and slip into any destructive negativity, gossip or unhelpful criticism etc (including on social media!) But to instead, intentionally use the power of our words to help positively shape and change the atmosphere and environment around us.



The final few words in the verse said that “…Jesus gave him back to his mother.” This sparked discussion during the Facebook live session about how this made us feel. One member of the group said how these words sound to her like Jesus is giving the son as a gift to his mother and how our children are gifts to us too.

Another member mentioned how the widow must have felt such huge relief to have him back and Rachel explained the significance for the widow with him being her only son, in regards to her future, her protection and her provision.

Discussion continued about how our children are a real blessing….whether it always feels like that in every moment or not! It’s a biblical truth worth remembering even in the midst of being surrounded by all the mess and chaos that can occur with family life, especially at Christmas!

Rachel encouraged us all to do our best to treasure and cherish all the precious moments we have together as we raise our families, no matter what life stage they are in.

This links nicely again with thinking about our words. How do we view, think and speak of our children, during the best of times and the toughest of times? How do we speak to our children? What narrative are we giving them for their lives?

One member talked about having a family ‘mantra’, a kind of motto that can help build and shape our families as they grow. Rachel spoke about her own family values of being kind, loving and generous. She explained that as she is starting to share and model these to her boys, she is seeing these very values now grow and start to bear fruit within their own lives, even at a young age. So our words are definitely powerful!

This week I have been challenged to think more intentionally about not only my words, but of all that Jesus has done for me, the significance of that in my life and just what a gift and a blessing children are (even if they do happen to wake up at 4am on Christmas Day!) We have the privilege of raising our families for Him and thankfully He is with us and for us throughout the journey.

So no matter what we are going through, we can take comfort in knowing that Jesus sees, has compassion and speaks life!

Just like he did for the unnamed widow of Nain.


Mummy Meditations will be taking a short break now so we can enjoy some extra time with our families and concentrate on that.  Do keep inviting friends to join the Facebook Group, where the news of our new series has just been shared:


So do join us in January as we kick start 2020 with a series looking at Ruth (start date TBC).

But until then, hope you all have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year!

Every blessing,

Sarah x


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