Interview with Philippa Young

It’s our final interview with the Mummy Meditations Team – another of our Champions, Philippa.  Philippa stepped up to look after Mummy Meditations whilst I was off on my anniversary trip to Rome and has continued to do an amazing job, running Facebook Live discussions and writing summary posts.  Here’s what she said when I caught up with her….

Introduce yourself in 10 words of less….

A tea drinking, Jesus loving Yorkshire lass.

Tell us a bit about your family

I’m married to Alex and Mummy to Evelyn (5) & Joel (3). We are active members of Gateway Church in York concentrating our efforts on being part of the leadership team for our monthly Dads Kids group.

How does Christianity play a part in your family life?

We *try* to weave our faith into our home life by guiding the children to the love of Jesus in a relaxed, unstructured way. It’s important to Alex and I that the children become connected to God in their own unique way in the hope that they develop a lasting friendship with Jesus.

How did you find out about Mummy Meditations?

I was introduced to Mummy Meditations by my good friend Jo. Over a glass of wine I shared that I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt that I wasn’t even finding the time to pick up my Bible, let alone read it because balancing work and home was chaotic with two small children. She invited me to join the group and that’s when it all began.

What do you like about Mummy Meditations?

I love the ethos behind the group and the acceptance that if I only manage to read the verse once then that’s ok! I love belonging to the Mummy Meditation community. We are a group of Mum’s who are joining together, unified over shared experiences and united by a common purpose.

What excited you about being on the MM Team?

I wanted to be part of the Mummy Meditations team because I wanted to reassure and encourage other Mum’s who are at a similar Mummying stage. I guess it has also given me an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve never written commentary posts about the Bible or hosted a Facebook Live before but Rachel has been a great source of encouragement.

Do you have any random hobbies or talents?

When I’m not working or at home, you’ll probably find me on a netball court. I’m proud to be Captain of a wonderful team of ladies. We are very much amateur but it’s great exercise and gets me out of the house. In those BC (Before Children) times, I used to do a lot of sewing, even making my own dresses. One day I will get my sewing machine back out again but for now I’ll settle for sewing badges onto Evelyn’s Rainbow uniform.

What is your claim to fame?!

I once almost touched Michael Bublé’s shoe. I reached up to towards the stage but he turned his foot at the last minute! Regardless, I definitely think he smiled at me 😉

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