Interview with Rachel Ridler

Interview with Rachel Ridler

Second up in our interview series is Rachel, the founder of Mummy Meditations and regular contributor to summary posts and Facebook Live Discussions.  Here is a little more about her…..


Introduce yourself in 10 words or less

Community loving, hospitality providing, make-up free, creative lover of God.

Tell us a bit about your family

I am married to Rob, we met at university in Lancaster (longer ago than I would like to say!), and have two energetic boys who are currently 6 and 4 years old.  Our family motto is to be kind, loving and generous, although we often fail at this.

How does Christianity play a part in your family life?

Our faith guides all of our decisions as a family, and we have tried to help the boys understand this in various ways.  We try to have some kind of devotion or bible discussion over breakfast (succeeding maybe every other day) and we always end our day with family prayer time, thanking God for His blessings, saying sorry for our failings, and asking for His help for tomorrow.  Church is a priority, and we have chosen for our children to go to a Church of England School so they have Christian morals and teaching in this huge part of their lives too.

How did you find out about Mummy Meditations?

Well, I started Mummy Meditations about three years ago now, as I struggled to balance the chaos of life as a mum with maintaining the same relationship as I had with God before these little people arrived.  It’s been amazing to see how God has grown it over these years.

What do you like about Mummy Meditations?

I love that I have dug deeper into the Bible in the last 3 years than before, that by studying just one verse I have really gotten the most out of every verse.  I have realised new things I never saw before, and gotten to share that with other mums too.  I love seeing others join this way of studying the bible, and that my tiny little idea has impacted so many others.  Now I am hoping others will join the team so that I can empower other mum’s to write and share their own ideas and revelations, giving them confidence in this season that makes us question ourselves a lot.

Do you have any random hobbies or talents?

One of my passions is Bible Journaling, being creative inside my Bible (you can find out more over on my other website –  I also love baking and run a bi-monthly pudding club (sticky toffee pudding is the best of all the puddings).

What is your claim to fame?!

I have been on TV a few times now – I appeared on Songs of Praise when I was at university (just walking across campus!), as well as being interviewed on national and local news and radio when our estate was put under compulsory purchase for the building of the HS2 railway.  I have appeared on stage with Ed Miliband (he was our MP at the time!).  Not sure those are exciting claims to fame but you’ve got to take what life throws at you!


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