In HER shoes – Ruth (Week 8)

In HER shoes – Ruth (Week 8)

Hello lovely Mums!

Welcome to the summary post for Week 8, which is also our very last one for this series.

How have you guys found it? Hope it’s been useful delving a bit deeper into the story of Ruth.

Our final verse is:

Then Naomi took the child in her arms and cared for him. The women living there said “Naomi has a son!” And they named him Obed. He was the father of Jesse, the father of David.

Ruth 4:16-17

Philippa did a great job on the Facebook Live at the start of the week helping us to think about this verse and summarising all we’ve looked at and thought about during the series. If you missed it, please click here for the link.


Isn’t it interesting how Obed was referred to as Naomi’s son? This was the topic of some discussion this week over in the Mummy Meditations Facebook Group and we weren’t too sure how we’d feel! One Mum reminded us though that in other cultures, families live much closer together and that children are often raised just as much by their grandparents as their parents, where intergenerational living is common.

This then lead onto another discussion by Rachel asking us how we thought Ruth may have felt about Naomi’s involvement with her son and whether grandparents help in raising our own children.

For me, I’m so grateful that my girls have a close relationship with most of their grandparents and that they get to see them regularly. However there is one grandparent that they see less frequently and so they play less of a significant role in their lives. Some other Mums also mentioned that grandparents weren’t a huge part of their children’s lives either for a variety of different reasons.

I also found it interesting how this question also prompted us to think about the relationships we had/didn’t have with our own grandparents. Several people said that they have really fond memories of the time spent with their grandparents, whilst others felt that they missed out on this opportunity.

So I think this helps to highlight the hugely valuable and influential role that grandparents can potentially play in the lives of our children. There is research now to show that these positive benefits work both ways too! So I’ve no doubt that Obed would have been such a blessing to Naomi and brought her such joy!

Which is really great to think about, especially when we consider the journey she had been on and several mums commented on this, how it really was such a journey and how even in times of great sadness, God never left them and He had a plan for their lives.


Philippa mentioned at the beginning of the week just how important it is to remember the significance of our purpose as Mums, even if this looks very different to how it was prior to having children and Rachel reminded us that our purpose can and does change in each season of our lives.

So no matter what we are going through, no matter what we may be facing or how the future may look to us. We can be encouraged through this inspirational story of Ruth and the themes running throughout it of faithfulness, trust, provision, restoration, unity and joy! And to think that Jesus was one of Obed’s descendants is amazing!

Therefore let’s keep our eyes focussed on Jesus, putting all of our trust in Him as we try to echo that unity, hope and encouragement in not just this group, but in our churches and in our wider community.

Especially at the moment in this current time of uncertainty for many, let’s try and remember to hold on to all He’s taught us and encouraged us with throughout this series studying the book of Ruth.

And like Philippa has said, God is always with us, He is for us and He is championing us as Mums!

So be blessed and encouraged this week,

Sarah x





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