There are lots of ways in which you can take part in Mummy Meditations, making it perfect for all of us mums, as you can pick and choose what suits you and your life at the moment.


Our Facebook Group is completely free to join.  Every week we post prompts, discussion questions, FREE phone lock screen graphics and host a Facebook Live discussion at 9pm on Monday evenings.    You can connect with other mums taking part.  Just search for “Mummy Meditations Community” on Facebook or follow this link. 


If you want an inbox reminder every time a new post is put on this website so you can follow along with the summary posts, then sign up via the subscribe box either on the right hand side menu from a desktop or laptop, or scroll to the bottom if you are viewing on a mobile device.


We love our community here at Mummy Meditations, and we want to champion people to take ownership of it, promote it and become a part of the working of it.  So we are offering those who want to get a bit more involved the chance to become champions and have a go at writing summary posts and other tasks in the community.  READ MORE HERE and you can apply via the contact form below: