It’s amazing to hear how Mummy Meditations has helped people get closer to God through the chaos of motherhood.  Don’t take my word for it – here are a few stories from members of the group that they are happy to share…

(If you would like to share your own story of how Mummy Meditations has impacted you then please email with your story and photo or complete the form at the bottom of this page)


Alison’s Story

I’m a mummy of 3 kids – 5 year old, 3 year old and a 6 month old. Since having our third baby, I haven’t managed to get out in the evenings and definitely not attending home groups! This group has basically been my ‘home group replacement’ over the last few months. Although I’m not physically sharing time with the ladies in this group, I love reading how God is speaking to them. It’s really fed into my own time with God and has been a real boost. It’s helped me understand these passages in ways I wouldn’t have on my own and it’s always encouraging to hear of other people in a similar place in life to me. I’ve also felt comfortable to share with them anything I’ve felt from God too, knowing they’ll be sympathetic to my sleep deprived ramblings! Your regular prompts and questions keep spurring me on to meditate on something whilst I’m busy in my role as mummy. I discovered this group at the perfect time when I needed it most!

Thank you for following God’s leading in running this group – it has been a timely blessing!


Grace’s Story

After having my baby daughter, I felt like there was NO WAY I would ever find time to read, let alone study the Bible any more. Being affected by Post Natal PTSD also meant my world completely shifted into a constant stream of fear, tiredness, and anxiety.

Mummy Mediations allowed me to understand that taking on a section of the Bible one verse a week was enough, in fact it was great! Doing this alongside hundreds of other women in a similar situation who were there to encourage, share, and reflect with me, made my first year of motherhood so much easier.

Knowing I have a community of women who understand me, and who can help me study the amazing words of the Bible, is such a valuable thing. The resources are wonderful, with so many different ways to make studying easier, and enjoyable! Instead of worrying about doing enough, I now look forward to deepening my understanding when I can,
and knowing that I am supported by so many others.

My relationship with God has deepened, my fear has waned, and His love for me and all humanity is being revealed more and more as the weeks go by.

Please give Mummy Meditations a go, and discover how simple and joyous it can be to learn more about the word of God and what it means for His beloved children.

‘Meditating on and memorising Scripture is not a feat reserved for
those graced with photographic memories. Consistency, not speed, is
the key to this adventure. What grows through the slow and steady
practice of meditation and memorisation is a truth anchor that holds
in the fiercest of storms.’
– Alicia Britt Chole

Thank you Rachel for providing the opportunity for so many women to connect with God and each other in times when they most need to x