SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT – Unnamed Women of the Bible (Part 1)

SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT – Unnamed Women of the Bible (Part 1)

The next series that we will be doing in Mummy Meditations will be of those women who are mentioned in the bible but not named.  It is fascinating that so many women are important enough to be mentioned, for various reasons, and yet their names are lost from history.  We will be delving in to what their stories add to the bible, why we think they were mentioned but not named, and what we can take from their stories for our own lives today.


There are so many unnamed women, that this series will be split into three 10 week parts, allowing us a week’s break in between each part!  To be the first to be alerted when the series specific resources are available for purchase or download in the shop, and what the first verse of the week is, sign up to our new Mummy Meditations Family:



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